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I have got to say that I am anticipating the arrival of my new ride so bad I can't stand it. My graphics kit, wheels and seat are sitting here waiting (exhaust will be in route by week's end), as well as the parts I have stripped from my 800 getting it ready to sell.

I was told October was my due date (who knows what part of October) and my dealer is suppose to be calling his DSM to get an update for me on the arrival time.

It is killing me waiting on this damned thing as Adam at Airdam Clutches told me it is a beast. He has one from one of the guys on the Can-Am race team in his shop now awaiting the can-am modified ECU to arrive that is for race team members only. He said that he can tell it has a lot of power to unleash with that box and that after they have it, they will be doing an STM/CVTech clutch setup like I am gonna buy for mine.

Man, I wanna be on the race team so I can get trick parts!!!
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