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Older Bayou engine question

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i own a '90 bayou 220 that my kids have used as a starter quad. over the years, it has developed a small oil leak that i just ignored, since it was so minimal. yesterday, the leak became worse and the centrifugal clutch began acting up. when the quad wasn't in motion, it would cause the engine to stall. i'm trying to determine where it's leaking and have a question for anyone familiar with these motors. there is a tube running from one side to the other, is this an oil line? (red arrows)

i welcome any other suggestions in regards to common areas on these motors that may develop an oil leak. thanks in advance!
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nevermind, i already took it apart. yes, it is an oil line.

cvt? it's just a regular, old-school 5 speed on the bayou. haven't messed with that yet, i'm thinking it was acting up because the low oil was affecting the wet clutch. the weather has not been cooperating today and i have to leave for work in a few hours. i have a starter that needs replaced in my son's legacy, so i hope to take care of that when i get home in the morning. then i might to get to tear into the bayou. also waiting on my plastic welder to arrive, i picked up a couple sheets of hdpe last week to fabricate some skids and cv guards. the projects never end...

cvt? it's just a regular, old-school 5 speed on the bayou.


:banging: I knew that...sometimes I amaze myself. I set there and read your post knowing darn well what we were talking about (a friend has one) and then I brain fart on you like that! Sorry.

lol !!! no problem, brother. i wish it had a cvt! my daughter doesn't shift gears as often as she should, which i think worsened the oil leak. she's always lugging the engine in way too high of a gear and i have to hand-signal for her to kick it down a gear or two. i'm afraid she'll get stuck halfway up a steep hill and be in too high a gear.

once it's ready to go, i'm gonna make it a point to work on her shifting. she'll be driving a car in 2 years! my son's 17 and he's been driving a stick since he started driving, gonna start her on one as soon as she's able.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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