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OH/WV - March 10 - The Chilling Thriller- RD 2 - MOVHS - Uhrichsville, Ohio- Crow Can

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Round 2 - March 10, 2012 - Uhrichsville , Ohio - Crow Canyon MX
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Is everyone ready for Round 2 of our 2013 season in Uhrichsville, Ohio - Crow Canyon? This is newer track to our MOVHS schedule. This facility has it all, great parking , awesomexc and mx tracks. It has all there is to offer in harescramble. This is a true hare scramble track. It has hills, rocks, roots, dirt, and mud.... This has all the terrain that Ohio has to offer. It has the tight sections and the wide open sections. This track is sure to not disappoint any of the racers out there! Dont forget that we hand out 8 overall trophies at each race in each category - PW Bike, Mini Quad, Youth Quad, Youth Bike, Adult Bike Amateur, Adult Bike Pro, Adult Quad Amatuer, Adult Quad Pro. We have the best of the best scoring available for our racers as well. So bring on the racing - 10 SSSEEECCCOOONNNDDDSSS!!!!!! As well there will be an Overall Race Purse for each category. We are also paying out a year end overall purse totaling $5000.00. MOVHS is the place to be!

So mark your calendars now to come and race against the FASTEST competition in the Tri-State area.

WEBSITE: Mid Ohio Valley Hare Scramble Cross Country Series

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK:!/events/565901590096087/?notif_t=plan_user_joined

2013 Race Purse

* To be eligible for the 2013 Purse, Points and Awards you must race*10*out of 14 rounds and make atleast one lap in the same class.

MOVHS will have a Year End Purse as Follows: GRAND TOTAL of*$5000.00 (this is each category as listed for the overall winners) .Not to mention MOVHS offers the highest Pro Payouts in the area. We are also having a per race overall purse as well for each category.

The Payouts will be as follows:

* * * Adult Bike OVERALL $2500 TOTAL (Includes Amateur and Pro)
* 1st Place: $1000.00
* 2nd Place: $750.00
* 3rd Place: $500.00
* 4th Place: $250.00
* 5th Place: $250.00

* *
* *** Adult Quad OVERALL $2500 TOTAL ( Includes Amateur & Pro)
* *1st Place: $1000.00
* 2nd Place: $750.00
* 3rd Place: $500.00
* 4th Place: $250.00
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