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Ogio Flight Vest

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OGIO Flight Vest
Considered one of the most versatile packs ever, the OGIO Flight Vest offers tons of storage and disperses weight evenly around the torso. The 70 oz. (2.0L) hydration reservoir located on the ventilated back comes with an insulated hose to keep you hydrated in any weather condition. Dual side expansion buckles and multiple adjustment points allow a customized fit. Whether you’re a fisherman, photographer, medic, off-road rider, skier or snowboarder the multifunctional storage pockets throughout the Flight Vest will match your demands.

The Flight Vest retails for $129.99. For more information visit or contact your local Ogio dealer.

Colors: Stealth
Size: Once size fits most
Weight: 3.44 Lbs/6.8 Kg

Chad Zulian
Motorsports Marketing/Team Manager
OGIO International
14926 So. Pony Express Rd.
Bluffdale, UT 84065
Cell: 303-905-2178
Ph: 800-922-1944 ext 3260
Fax: 800-619-4111
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Good find Cadman. Nice looking vest with a lot of storage over a camelbak.


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I thought it was pretty cool. Especially for a dirtbiker
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