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Not everyone excited about ATV park

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Not everyone excited about ATV park
By CHRISSI COILE [email protected]
Created: January 19, 2008 09:37 PM Modified: January 19, 2008 10:42 PM

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A multi-million dollar all-terrain vehicle park that's expected to bring big business to the local economy has some neighbors upset.

Nearly 600 acres of land off Colquitt Road in Caddo Parish will soon be turned into the ATV park. It will be complete with 25 miles of trails, a race track, mud pile and even a camping area. But the new park isn't sitting well with a couple of neighbors in the rural area.

"Inundated with loud noises all hours of the night and day. We would like to see some type of control for drinking," said resident John Norris.

Park owner Scott Smith says he's tried to set up a meeting with the unhappy residents, but he's waiting to hear back from them.

"It's not as bad as everybody thinks it's going to be. We've also got a lot of neighbors living adjoining to the property that are excited," said Smith.

Smith says the park has already attracted attention from major manfacturers. The park is expected to open in up to three months.

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For those who are unaware Scott Smith is the owner and president of Highlifter.
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