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next new atv

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i may be shoppin for a new atv so thats the reason for this poll, just to get more user info on atv"s i"m interested in. i will say that after see"ing the 700 yammi in black with the ghost flames (se model ), that is one sweet ride!. anyhow give me your choices.


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That's a good list there. I will say that SE Grizz is sweet. If I were buying a new bike right now it would be real toss up between another Grizz and Brute 750. If the Brute had power steering I'd be all over it.
Go for it get a thundercat
, :headbang: luv to get a thunder cat but price&availability is the prob. here.
The SE Grizzly is wicked looking! Buster and I had priced plastic. $1200 I am thinking Krylon.
just lookin at the poll, OTHER has quite a few votes, what atv"s should i be checkin ??
SORRY, the poll lists other at 2 votes, time for bed, see ya later
moog said:
...what atv"s should i be checkin ??
Here's a great web site for specs, reviews and side-by-side comparisons:
What about Can-Am? What about Suzuki?
or Polaris?
Just got the new Brute 750i I love it. I have had in last three years a Polaris 700 Arctic Cat H1 anbd this one. As of right now this is my opinion and only my opinion for what it is worth

Pros: Couch like ride. Will love it after day on trail. Globs of storage. Best stock tires on market.
Cons: Weight. Drives like a couch. Soft suspension. full of gremlins. Least powerful of bunch

Arctic Cat H1
Pros: Killer looks. Built like a tank. Torque galore. Best mudder of bunch. Great rock climber. Best Diff lock. LE package comes stock with all bumpers, aluminum wheels. Tremendous ground clearance
Cons: Lack luster speed. Tiresome in tight trails to move around. Drives like a tank.

Brute Force 750

Pros: Great looks. Instant throttle. Great acceleration and speed. Fuel Injection rocks. Sport like handling. Nothing sounds as nice.
Cons: Not built as sturdy as others. Cheap fastners on plastic. Lose strenght in exchnage for weight. I have not had enough saddle time to judge in full. Give it some time
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what listed on the poll are atvs that i"m interested in, the can-ams are out of my price range ( buddy just got 800 15k ), suzuki , been on some nasty trails and they dont fare out well, polaris, buddies had them (all new 330.500,700), they got tired of repairs.
I feel for ya moog. Here stateside you can get a Can-Am Outlander 800 for 8-9K. It's a shame how they shaft you.
You cant go wrong with the 700 Yamaha. But just dont get a
Without knowing your riding habits, style, or enviornment, I choose the Grizzly 700 SE. I recently had the privilage to sit on one of these things and man they are BEAUTIFUL. The black is more flat in tone than pictures tell. Now on to the mechanics. There have been several reviews that I've read recently where this machine fairs very well. It has been several organizations ATV of the year in 07 and it is looking just as good this year. I will say that you didn't list the EPS but I think the SE model comes with it anyway. If not I'd say get it. From what I've read this makes the quad.

The 700 Grizz is a VERY capable machine. While it is not the fastest machine, it applies its power very well on the trail, mud, and it will hold its own just about anywhere else.

700 Grizz is my next
Mine would either be a brute 750 or a grizzly 700
one of my ridin buds just traded his 660 griz for new 700 griz ,let me take for a ride, WOHOO !! :headbang: smooth linear pwr, great steering, xlnt ride, this may be my next atv, just have to try the bf 750 now !

:eek:ccasion14: moog
I'm not sure if the new ones do this...but I drove a 2005 AC v-twin (which has a Kawi engine) and the whining of the belt was extremely irritating.
i agree, tried one in 05,you could really tell when the kawi was comin dwn the road, maybe it,s diifferent now , will have to wait till i try new BF750i.

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