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Law would create trails for ATVs

Buyers of all-terrain vehicles in Connecticut would be required to pay a "trail user fee" as part of a bill being considered by the legislature.

The bill would simultaneously require the state Department of Environmental Protection to set aside at least 20 miles of trails for use by riders of quads and dirt bikes.

The legislature's Environment Committee plans a hearing on the bill at 10:30 a.m. in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Aside from the federal land set aside for motor cross (dirt bikes) at the Thomaston Dam and private property, ATV riders in Connecticut have no place to ride. The legislature passed a law in 1986 requiring the DEP to provide state land for ATV use. However, 22 years later, no land has been bought or opened.

Under the proposed bill, the DEP would select and set aside four trails of at least five miles each for ATV use by Jan. 1. ATV dealers would collect a trail-user fee from new buyers equivalent to one percent of the purchase price of the vehicle, above and beyond the sales tax. The fee would likely add $25 to $80 to the cost of a machine, given current retail prices for dirt bikes and quads.

The DEP would be mandated to use as much as 70 percent of the fees for trail selection, design, alteration, maintenance and repair. If passed, the law would take effect July 1.
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I hope this bill goes through. That poor state has a lot of ATV riders and no legal trails. :dontknow:
Koko said:
I hope this bill goes through. That poor state has a lot of ATV riders and no legal trails. :dontknow:
Yeah 70,000 ATVs, 20,000 dirt bikes and 50,000 quads is nothing to shake a stick at!
I live in CT, I know the feeling.

21.5 years an NO legal riding. Funny how us regular folk have to follow the law...but goverment agencies can skirt it. I wonder if that would work if I get bagged speeding on the highway. "Oh, I know what the law is, but I just didn't feel like following it."

Anyways, universal registration always holds up this process. The greenies are hell bent on universal registration. Basically, they want all quads and dirtbikes registered. That includes race machines and machines used for work only. Got parts quad? Yep, that too. Transporting a quad without tags? The police could ticket you. It's an insane proposal. They're arguing it'll help report trespassers. Let's face it, it won't. If someone is going to ride illegally, they'll pull their plate. You never see bank robber with his name rank and serial number clearly printed on his shirt, do you?

Anyways, this has been going on for years. And the greenies are still moaning and growning about trespassing on their trails. Maybe if they woke up and worked with us, things would be a lot better.

Thanks for the link GW...I'm going to post this over on northeast and CTU.
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