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The ATVTorture Forums are a very diverse place. We strive to provide everyone with up to date news and information regarding the ATV and UTV community and industry.

Often times things on this site can get a little confusing. I know I have found myself wandering aimlessly through the threads trying to find a particular article. The staff and I decided it was time to downsize and combine the amount of forums into something a little more manageable for you and us.

If you have lost your way, don't despair. The Review Crew along with the Admin staff is here to help you. Feel free to ask us a question or even give us ideas on what you believe would make the ATVTorture site even better.



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Phil here, I will be the one taking over the webmaster and technical admin stuff for Gary. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce my self. Continuity is key here and for the most part we are here to help site and community grow. The staff and membership built the walls and foundation here I am mostly the one that will keep the lights on.

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