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New trail and something to do in Vegas

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Even though I was born and raised here in the Las Vegas valley I am always searching for a new exciting place to ride. Having a friend who works for a local ATV/Dirtbike tour company doesn’t hurt either.
I have known Tyler for about 20+ years since he was 10 or so and he has been desert racing dirtbikes as long as I can remember. After trying motocross a few times he realized that it wasn’t his style of racing. The only problem is that the realization came at an altitude of about 30ft above ground level during a jump. After a long stay in the hospital with 2 broken ankles and a halo cast holding one foot to his leg the doctors told him that if he’s is lucky enough to walk he most certainly wouldn’t be riding motorcycles again.
Those were words that Tyler didn’t understand and as soon as he was able to walk he started riding dirtbikes again, just not motocross style, and it hasn’t slowed him down a bit.
Now he has a dream job, working as a tour guide on ATV’s and dirtbikes for American Adventure Tours (
I decided to go riding the other day during the rain. Nothing like a nice ride in the desert mud near Jean Nevada, one place I hadn’t ridden before. Jean Nevada is about 30 minutes outside Las Vegas on Interstate 15 near the California border.

I called Tyler to see if he wanted to go riding and he said he had to work that day and had a group of 4 to take on a tour.
I decided to meet them out there to see what the area was like.
I met them at the riding area, which is in the desert behind (east of) Jean Nevada, just a few miles from the California state line. He advised me that his group had cancelled so it was just he and I.

Here is how you would arrive to the starting point.

Here is an example of the dirt bikes you can rent. This one that Tyler rode was a KTM 540 I think..

FYI, if you sign up for a tour and it rains, snows, hurricane, or what ever, they will not cancel. They are not fair weather riders the tour goes unless you cancel it. It was raining when I left my house and I expected Tyler to call and cancel but he did not, even though his group canceled we still rode.

The guys at American Adventure Tours know this area like the back of their hand.

Tyler led me through all kinds of terrain like whoopty-do’s, hill climbs, sand washes, and the dry lakebed where I finally got to open the Grizzly up.

There are ruins of old cabins and ranches out there from the 1800’s and if the weather and timing is right you may see a bighorn sheep or two.

He led me through the same trails that he would take a tour through and it was pretty awesome. 40 miles in about 3 hours including a stop for lunch at Primm Nevada which is on the Cal/Nv state line.

Here is a picture of the tower we rode up to.

and here are some pictures of Primm/California state line from the tower

Below is a picture from the same spot of Jean Nevada near where we started from...

Tyler was riding a KTM dirt bike but the company has a huge variety of machines to ride as their website reveals.
If you happen to be on a business trip or on vacation to Vegas and you are having ATV withdrawals you have to give American Adventures a call, tell them that you heard about them on….

Oh, and be sure to ask for Tyler.
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Hey Catus Butt :hello: .... I mean, Desertrat .... great write-up. Very Interesting. And Tyler sounds like a great friend to ride with ... we should all be so lucky !!! :eek:ccasion14:

Love the pics too !!!

Later ...
Man I'd love to try out some riding like that!
Hey Catus Butt :hello: .... I mean, Desertrat .... great write-up. Very Interesting. And Tyler sounds like a great friend to ride with ... we should all be so lucky !!! :eek:ccasion14:

Love the pics too !!!

Later ...
LOLL>>> cactus butt...:rotfl:

Yes he is,, and if any of you all ever get to this side of the world you gotta go riding out here...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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