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New Product from EHS Racing

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Just finished some preliminary testing of a new filter setup from <a href="">EHS racing</a>. The system so far seems to be a great alternative to the substandard air filter setup that the Yamaha Grizzly 700 currently has. Some Quick math indicates that there is actually a little more surface area of air filtration than the stock setup. Overall results are still pending as this setup is in the prototype stage still. But like all of Eric's products it is top notch and seems to produce more HP.

Here are some pictures to tease you with.

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Yikes, couple of concerns of mine.

I'm sure fitment and filtration at the intake point are top notch, but there's a few things that concern me. One is noise. That's gotta be real loud. Second is the open intake port. I forget which one this but I do know it sucks air in. I believe it goes to the top of the cylinder head.


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Very valid point Koko! However I had discovered this during initial testing. I cannot get into how the re-design is compensating for this but it is being dealt with.
Excellent. Can't wait to see the new design. :cheer:
Here is some additional performance data.

These runs are as

1- Stock, spark in all stock (runfile 20)
2-Stock with spark removed (runfile 3)

4-Stock with EHS LID EHS TIP EHS EFI with EHS map for this setup (runfile 45)


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Did those numbers come from Eric at EHS? If so that is my 700 he has on the dyno and oing all this testing on, im Chevync20 on most sites and he has had my grizz for close to a week and hope to gte her back soon and see what she can do
Yes those are the numbers from EHS. Good to know who you are Grizzman01. And welcome to the site! I think you will be very impressed when you get your Grizzly. BTW we expect a full report.
Dont worry when I get my quad back I will give full details and reports on what I think, but from the preliminary numbers I am gonna be happy especially if I go ahead and add teh Dyna CDI, high comp piston, and hopefully mudbuster will release a cam in teh future for it. I would love to make 45-50 hp at the rear wheels, but thats being optimistic it will more than likely end up being 41-43 but we can all dream cant we? I get eveyrthing on there and take it back and put it on a dyno and see if I can hit that 45 -47 hp range with no machining just a few bolt on mods and maybe give some of those bigger v-twins a run for there money.

Also thinking about doing the sheave but wanna do one at a time to see the difference each makes and which has the greatest affect on power
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