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New Guy From Montgromery county,Pa...

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Hey Guys....I'm Muddie50 from Pa...I hope to get to know a few of you in the future and maybe even share a trail...!!!!!:beer"
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Wow!! 24 Peeks and not one Hello....::confused::
Wow!! 24 Peeks and not one Hello....::confused::
Well hello. This post must have slipped through the cracks somehow.

Hey, welcome to the site. :hello:
Well I thought I did say something...maybe it was in the introduce yourself post or something?


How's that 2010 XP doing?
Hey no problem....the xp runs like a bear...took it up the mountains and its just a in law complaint about the throttle being too senstive so i softened it for him...otherwise its been has great holeshot power...kills my HO from a stand still....about the same on long runs...he keeps it over my house so i get to ride it when i want too...i think i logged more miles on it so far....over all it rides great and throttle responce is awsome...Next one for me is the 850xp...take care of it and it will takecare of you....thats what popos are all about....MUDDIE50:thumbup:
Hey there Muddie. Welcome to the site!
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