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New Gade!

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I am getting my new gade this friday and would like to know if anybody had any good suggestions on wheels and tires. lets here it!
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Congrats! Just browse around this site and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. Happy riding!
Well his new Gade hits my house on Friday.

After a lot of discussion with Gary and I, Brandon decided to go with Terracross R/T tires.

Friday night will be a building night where it will receive ....oh wait, I ain't gonna let the cat out yet. You'll just have to wait for some pics come Saturday or Sunday as a before and after.

Fun times. It will get a mirraculous change over a 24 hours period for sure.

Stock is boring!

What's wrong with the stock ones?
Things are starting to arrive each day, and i can't hardly wait until Friday to get this thing here and starting making it over. Like B-Dubya said, stock? There is nothing wrong with stock except it's a tad boring to me! Now i am not knocking stock but standing out in a crowded room excites me! Now its time to jazz up my new GADE!
Little does he know there are some sizable boxes already in my driveway right now. Hope nobody steals them cuz they gotta lotta valuable parts in them.
I agree with not being able to keep something stock. My wife is always rolling her eyes at me when I start talking about changing something on my quad or truck.
Stock! Who wants STOCK? Well the quad came in on Friday and this thing was show room new i mean not a scratch on it. It had 180 miles on it and a is freakin beauty. We wroked all day Friday putting on the new gear. Full Ricochets, ITP c7 beadlocks, ITP terra cross tires, Blown Concepts graphics, D2 overfenders, Rox risers, powermadd hand guards with wraps, fasst flexx bars, and lastly a Dalton clutch kit that has not been put in yet. Wanting to get some video of stock vs. one with clutch kit. All in all i am like a kid on Christmas morning, this quad is totaly awesome. I will have some pics of it up soon!
Modifications are part of the fun, when you aren't riding you are modding.
Now B-Dubya is trying to get me to come off the hip for Elka's, I want to bad but i dont know what to do. That is a heep of coin. Somebody help out here, and tell what you would do, PLEASE!!!!!
Pics or ban!
In his defense, I had all the pics on my camera and I have been a slacker about getting them off. Here is a pic I took. We are making a slight adjustment to the graphics but anyway, here it is.


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And here it was less than 24 hours before.


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And another.


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Let me clarify by saying I am not trying to convince him to spend money he doesn't want to spend. I have purely given arguements as to why I was doing so. 8 guys from Grizzly Riders and 1 from here bought Elkas with our group buy this week. It ain't just because they think they look purdy.

As I have told TopGun, there are multiple reasons for Elkas, even on an 800-X that supposedly comes with a nice suspension that is "tunable". As many of you know, on my Ex-Grizz, I put Elkas on it and it was the best performance improvement I did as they allowed me to fly over things that everyone else was having to slow down for like obstacles, ruts, rocky terrain, etc. If I had it to do over again with a grizzly, I would not have done all of the power mods I did to it and would have just cashed out for Elkas right off the bat and easily been able to blow my friends away on the trail simply by doing that.

All that being said, and in comparison to the factory X suspension, yes, the factory suspension does have a lot of adjustments. However, I have NEVER been able to get mine adjusted so they performed like my Elkas on the Grizz did, right out of the box. The difference there is can-am adjusts valving, preload, rebound and compression for what they consider to be the average rider and the average rider's average riding style. That leaves the non-average person to have to tinker with adjustments to get it right, which I think most don't have the knowledge or ability to do. I worked on mine until I was blue in the face with my stock X suspension and finally threw in the towel. Hitting a rolling jump at 30mph and launching maybe 2-3 feet off the ground will bottom mine out. A slow jump, launching 3-4 feet will bottom it out, even with compression as tite as it will go. To me, that is not satisfactory.

I ordered Elkas for my Gade today and they took into account my weight, my additional weight from things I have added like winch etc, and my riding style. They will valve my shocks accordingly so I have nothing to tinker with unless I am doing something outside of my normal riding type that warrants adjusting the rear compression if I am planning big jumps, etc.

Besides that, they just won't need adjustment, but still have it there if I have to play.

Anyway, that was my logic to Topgun since we always ride together and will be hitting the exact same terrain and he will always be trying to keep up. :)


Now B-Dubya is trying to get me to come off the hip for Elka's, I want to bad but i dont know what to do. That is a heep of coin. Somebody help out here, and tell what you would do, PLEASE!!!!!
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Bad ass!
Looking good. That's for sure. Twin Bdubyagade's
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