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New Crutchfield Suspension Setup

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We've got a suspension package that we're looking into from a company that is not new to the supension market, Crutchfield Performance. However, they've just released a new setup that is very intruiging. At first glance, it's very impressive and they offer 3 different packages for some of the more popular quads. Crutchfield Performance offers a stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 suspension. While the stage 1 and 2 setups are built on a 36 millimeter shock, the stage 3 is a 46mm setup that is more aggressive. Designed more for racing than trail-riding, the stage 3 is also an ideal setup for extreme trail-riding styles.

From my understanding, the stage 1 and 2 setups are intended as upgrades over the OEM suspension which as we all know, on most of the quads, is not the best setup from the factory. Additionally, the stage 3 suspension attaches on the front to a custom fabricated mount that adds 2 additional inches of travel.

Taking into consideration the replacement cost of your factory suspension, the stage 1 is an excellent alternative at the level it's priced at. For example, for a Grizzly 700, the factory suspension would cost right at $700 to replace from a dealer whereas the stage 1 Crutchfield Performance suspension can be bought for $918. Considering the gains that we anticipate over the less than desirable factory suspension, it's a very small investment over factory shocks.

Here are some pics of the 46mm shocks:

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I am in! I have been looking for some new shocks, but I cant afford the elka shocks or some of the others. these look to be more in my league. :headbang:
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