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New 2009 Suzuki Quad Sport Z400 with EFI
For 2009, Suzuki will deliver a brand-new QuadSport LT-Z400, showcasing an exciting evolution in sport ATVs. The concept is the same: produce a sport ATV that delivers more enjoyment to a wide range of customers. But the method is new. The latest QuadSport Z400 inherits features from the Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450: fuel injection; ECM settings for improved traction; and aggressive styling. And the new Z400 delivers all this and more in a user-friendly package that will surely keep it ahead of the pack.

Engine Cooling: Liquid-Cooled
Valvetrain: DOHC, 4 Valves
Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection, 36 mm
ECU: 16 bit
ROM: 96 Kilobyte
Compression Ratio: 11.3:1
Injector: 12 hole
Displacement: 398cm3 (24.3 cu. in)
Bore: 90.0 mm (3.543 in)
Stroke: 62.6 mm (2.465 in)

Wide Footpegs: (46mm)
Front Track Widened: (960mm) 37.8 in
Seat Height: 810 mm (31.9 in)
Ground Clearance: 265 mm (10.4 in)
Overall Width: 1190 mm (46.9 in)
Overall Length: 1830mm (72.0 in)
Curb Mass: 193 kg (425 lbs)
Headlight: 12V 40/40W | Detachable, single

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I'm still unclear as to what Yamaha's thought process is on a lot of things. Although the Rhino has been the top sold side by side for 2 years, the competition is blowing them away in looks and performance. Performance wise, the RAZR is dominating the race circuit and people that are die-hard rhino fans have to spend a lot of money to get remotely close to the speed a stock RAZR will. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no Polaris fan by any means, I just wish Yami would step it up a notch with the engine size on the Rhinos and Grizzlys.

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Yamaha hasn't really done anything very exciting for the 2009 model year. They came out with a 550 utility quad, which is an exact duplicate of the Grizzly 700. Same chassis, even the same exact engine (with the exception of a different sleeve and piston that drop engine size down to 558 cc). So they have another Grizzly 700, but with less power. Not very exciting, but I'm sure they will sell plenty of them.

I think Yamaha is riding out the economy, and likely figures that motorsport items are not going to be hot sellers for the next year. So why spend money on R&D in a year that they expect sales to be down anyway? The problem with that is that their competitors release new models that are better than the old Yamaha's, and Yamaha looses customers. We generally only keep our ATVs for 2 to 3 years max, and get new ones before we start having mechanical problems and before resale values drop very much. We have two units that will likely be replaced this year. The oldest Grizzly 700 is going to be replaced by the new red Renegade 800 this fall. And the Rhino is going to be replaced next spring with a Prowler 1000. There is no reason to buy another Yamaha, because the new Yamaha's are no better than what we bought two years ago. Yamaha lost a customer for 2009. If they're back on top for 2011 I'm ok with that.

I think its great that Suzuki has added fuel injection to the Z-400. Thats a major upgrade, and definitely brings the Z-400 up a notch or two. Kawasaki has also added fuel injection to their KX 450F dirt bike for 2009. I think fuel injection is the wave of the future in this sport, and would more or less expect each new model at this point to be fuel injected. If a manufacturer releases a new model that isn't fuel injected these days it tells me right away the manufacturer isn't too serious about that new model. At least thats how I see it.


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Great find on the Zuki there Busterw. That's sure to make a difference. I can't wait to check out a review on this quad. It would be interesting to see how it holds up against the others.

On the yami side conversation, I've heard a lot of excuses, and most of them make some sort of sense. Yami needs to do something. They are not on top of their game for nothing, so I'm sure something is cooking. R&D for a new quad can take quite some time so maybe their behind the power curve or maybe they've been planning to release something in 2010 so they can adjust fire to what the compitition has done. Or maybe they just have a bad CEO right now. LOL. Either way, if I were in the market for a new quad, I'd be awefully tempted to go with another brand. Then again, I love my yamerhaws. My personal vote? I would like to either see a twin 750 or 800 class utility or a twin 500 class sport from yami but I think I have a better chance of going sleigh riding in July here in Virginia. Maybe I'm defending them because I'm desperate? :dontknow:
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