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Needs new snorkel

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I recently put a snorkel kit on my 05 bombardier 400 outlander in hopes of being able to go deeper. after the first test run i discovered in had severe leak but couldnt find them. If anybody knows of a great place in north carolina that installs snorkel kits please advise!!!!!!
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did u find anyone? also, where located? i'm in east TN. the used unit i bought has snorkle kit on it that i think is a sad job done on it & looking to replace it myself. it has the snorkle coming out of the front storage. what about yours? email me at [email protected] if you want?

here r a couple pics. unit don't look like that now although.


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Google for East Coast ATV Snorkels. They make a nice setup that we did a review on for a Renegade. You can find that in our "Product Reviews" area on the left side menu. That will give you a link to their site. They make some good stuff.

Do u need training for snorkeling?

my son is going for a expedition with his school. he knows how to swim, but not good in taking breaths when he is swimming for a longer period. and he has never even entered the beach water. does snorkeling require training and does he have to be an expert swimmer?

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