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I've heard through several sources and web sites that the Maxxis Mud Bugs would be discontinued and the news was disturbing to me. You see I've been working a review on these tires and I was a little disheartened at the fact I was reviewing something that no one could experience. Well I contacted Maxxis to get the scoop, and they assured me that the Mud Bugs were not being discontinued. It is a simple issue of supply and demand. Logistics. The issue is that there are not enough orders from distributors to keep production going. They will still produce the Bugs, but they must have an order sufficient enough to justify the production. Will Bugs be hard to get? all depends. But the truth to the matter is that the Bugs will be produced, so long as there is a demand. There is no intent at Maxxis International to discontinue the tires. This makes Gun happy. Keep your eyes pasted to for a review on these awesome earth movers.

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