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Initial Reaction
When I ordered the Explorer Storage Trunk I requested it to be installed when I pick up my Arctic Cat 650 V2 from the dealer. Therefore I could not see the boxing, packing etc. When it was installed it looked great! The red padding on the box and arms along with my red Arctic Cat looked really good. It gave the bike a more utility look.


When I received my Arctic Cat from the dealer it was already installed. When I decided to reinstall it for the sake of this review I found that Moose Utilities uses U-Bolts and 6 quick release tie down straps. These are nice if you need to take off your box for whatever reason. Remember to come back after a few rides and tighten up those bolts as they will loosen and potentially come off.

The amount of storage in the Explorer Storage Trunk was huge! You can fit tonnes of material in that box. This box also keeps your items nice and dirt / water free. Good things to keep would be:

Insurance, Registration, Plate, Drivers
Helmet (Protect your Head)
Toilet Paper
extra clothes depending on the season, Gloves, WHITE Socks, Shirts
tire repair kit and Stems
hand held air pump or Mini Air Compressor
strike anywhere matches, lighter, or Flint, fire starters
Tow rope
Snacks, bars, etc, Food, Sandwiches, (Wieners and Beans)(Stove to Cook it)
tools kit, wrench's, sockets, Multi tool
saw, hand, gas,
whistle or air horn
Tie Strap (for fixing a flat) or (Rope and a Branch) Tie around to squeeze tire to get bead to reseat.
GPS (Spare Batteries)
Hand and foot warmers
cell Phone
Pump, to Clean rads
Extra Belt (not required for Hondas)
Duct tape, fix all
Straps, bungies, to hold stuff
first aid kit
FRS, Walkie talkies, Helmet Communicators
Camera (spare batteries) ( Don't wanna miss your buddy stuck)
Large Ziplocks Bags
fresh water (lots, you can never have enough)
Now obviously you can't fit them all. Only take what you absolutely need.
Thanks "Addicted" for the list!

Ride Time
Ride time was amazing. The box stayed where it was no moving what so ever. And if you decide to show your buddies how to wheelie the box even comes with a built in pad for your back! This box does not interfere with normal riding if you have it installed right but if water / mud riding your leg will hit the box rather then rest on the rack.

This storage box is universal, it can fit on any bike. This would be a great purchase for those who are looking to bring lots of material with the when riding.

- Lots of storage
- Looks nice
- Nice price ($214.95)

- If water / mud riding you cannot prop your leg up on the seat.

Overall Rating
9.5 / 10

Contact Information
Contact page on website - Moose Utility Division - Contact Form
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