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Mine Made Trails - Knott County Kentucky

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This past week was one of those dream come true moments for an ATV enthusiast. I was invited to be a test rider for Kawasaki and participate in a first look at a new trail system located in the coalfields of southeastern Kentucky.

Knott County Kentucky which is known as “the Elk Capital of the East” due to it's 10,000 plus population of Elk is also soon to become an ATV riding Mecca. Situated on over 40,000 acres of privately owned land the Knott County OHV system will be providing several hundred miles of trails for both motorized and non motorized travel.

The Mine Made trail #1 which we rode on was made from the impact of mountain top coal removal. While many activists claim that this is a raping of the land, I didn’t see it that way. The reclamation of the area made it a truly magnificent place to be. And without the intervention of man, I really don’t think that I or anyone else would have been able to enjoy the views of the surrounding Appalachian mountains.

I had the chance to speak with Bill Reed, who’s company had been tasked to create the Mine Made Paradise Park. Bill explained that this system would be the first of four trail systems being created in the area. And will be officially open in the fall of 2010. The system is also multi-use with certain sections available to horseback riding and hiking.

I thought that this should be considered a moderate skill level trail system. There are some great areas that the novice can get the feel of the system. With several creek bed crossings and some tight technical areas the Mine Made system has plenty to keep the beginner or even expert rider interested and wanting to come back for more. I felt the trails offers a diverse variety for everyone. The Mine made trail also has an ATV training center for the beginner who wishes to learn more about the ATV sport.

So, if you are planning your ATV trip this year, keep the Mine Made Trails in Knott County Kentucky in mind. For more information on the Knott County OHV trails check out the links at the bottom of this article.

Knott County Kentucky - Adventure Starts Here

Lodging in the Area

Rider Training Center:
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