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Memorial day weekend in HATFIELD MCCOY /WAGON WHEEL

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Griz wiz and I have had a change of hart on the quad crew ride, we have decided to go down the following weekend which is Memorial Day. Why you ask ?? Well for one - there will be a hell of a lot more people and parties !!! j/k

There are a bunch of guys from NC that will be going that weekend that we are friends with and it will be a great time.

We are staying at WWW.RCHLODGING.COM as usual we have 5 right now going and have room for more if anyone is interested in joining us.
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Gary...bring some stuff we can TORTURE!!

What days will you be there?
captjack said:
We might have room that weekend if there are any late comers in your group.
I'll pass it on.

We're arriving Thursday also. Leaving on Tuesday. Closing on the new house Wednesday (assuming we sell our current house).
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