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LRD Torc, HMF, & other brands of performance Exhaust - Are they worth it ?

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After reading some of the mods of other members, I've noticed several have after market performance exhaust on their machines.
So, I have some question I would be interested in the owners responses too. I see most of the Yamaha bikes on this site seem to be 700's, so if there are any 660 owners besides myself out there with a pipe, I'd love to hear from them. (cause that's what I have) ... However, I'd like to hear from all ATV brand owners.
So here goes ....

1) Do you like the pipe you bought ? (I know you may have gave it a 10 in the garage)

2) Is it a Slip-on or a Full System exhaust ?? Is there any real performance difference between the two ?? (In your opinion or experience)

3) Is it real loud ?? And, do you race around or just trail ride casually with occassional bursts of speed ? (say for hills, or mud holes, or to get the bugs outta your hair ?) Do you run with a "Quite-Core" ??

4) Any seat of the pants performace gains ?? Any gains or loss of performance, with a "Quite Core" installed ?

5) Would you buy the same brand or recommend it to others ? If not, what brand would you purchase next ?

Hope to hear from a few of you, if not a lot of you. And Thanks fro taking the time to post your opinions & eval's.

Later ...
Gunny :headbang:
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Yep, in choosing an exhaust for my quad, we wanted to go with something that you don't hear much, or anything about. Everybody runs HMF so we could read about what to expect from it. LRD claims pretty substantial gains on their site compared to the competition so we decided to give it a spin.

Since GrizzWizard, has a GYTR pipe and has also used HMF, and was going to be programming me a Dobeck fuel controller, I decided to have the pipe shipped directly to him so he could install it on his 700 and build me a custom fuel map for that pipe.

His said that between it the HMF and the GYTR, the LRD was the quietest with the GYTR being the loudest. But let's remember, this is an aftermarket exhaust so it's gonna have some increased noise level period. It comes with a quiet core insert which I never installed b/c it would be too restrictive. Gary said with the quiet core in, it ran about like stock so a waste. Powerwise, he considered it to be about the largest gains of the three pipes.

If doing it as an only mod, will you get substantial seat of your pants gains? No. A pipe alone just isn't gonna do that as it should be accompanied with other mods to help the bike perform optimally.Ideally, airbox mods to allow it to flow more air, then a tuned pipe to help expell that additional air. Optimially, you would also add a fuel controller (for fuel injected quads) or a jet kit in your case to be able to get the air/fuel ratio correct after these changes.

In looking at your mods in your garage, I see you have a sheave, a clutch kit, aftermarket filter and a CDI. It seems to me like a pipe is the next and final thing to add without going into the motor.

1.) yes I'm very pleased with all aspects of it. The sound is great, not too loud but has a nice tone and comes with a quiet core if you wanna use it. I didn't since it wasn't obnoxious without it.

2. ) the LRD is a slip-on.

3. & 4.) My notes above answer these.

I'm extremely happy with the mounting setup on the LRD. The back actually mounts through teh shock bolt. Kind of a pain to get on but worth it in strength and stability.

I heop that helps.

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Awesome info BW ... :eek:ccasion14: .... and exactly the kind of info I was hoping to get. :toothy10:

Thanks ....
Gunny :headbang:
I feel sure at some point Gary, aka GrizzWiz, will chime in as well.
I had some great gains with my HMF swamp series. Very quiet exhaust too.
Thanks ... that's a pipe to consider too it looks like. :icon_thumleft:

Later ...
Gunny :headbang:
The swamp series I have no experience at all with. The HMF is loud but good mid and upper gains. Penland pipe is very loud but great overall gains. The LRD is a nice pipe, and very good low end gains when compared to the previous 2 mentioned.
Thanks much GrizzlyWizard for the input ... :icon_thumleft:

Later ...
Gunny :headbang:
Here are some number straight from the HMF site (might have to click the image to read it). Probably not much help, but I found these to be interesting. And for the record, I'd love to pipe my quad, but one thing at a time.

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Well Battlegun, it's either something with the server here at my work, or ... :dontknow: .. but I can't view either the image you attached or the one of your machine. :crybaby2: :crybaby2:
I'll have to look at this sometime this weekend .... cause after work, I'm load'in up to go beat some powder snow to death !
(In the last week we got about 35 inchs in the mountains) :cold: :cheer: :icon_thumleft:

Thanks much for the reply & info, hope I can view it later ... :beer"

Later ...
Gunny :headbang:
Man Gunny. 35" snow? Wow. I am getting ready to put my boat in the water and you are still frozen.
Oh way to go Thom .... I was bragg'in about what I get to play in .. :cold: .... & you go & tell me you're go'in boat'in ... with all those sweet bikini babes out .... Oh Man .... :icon_thumleft: :icon_thumleft: :icon_thumleft:

I sure as all get out won't be see'in any skin where I'm go'in .... :sad2: :sad2: ... But I sure as heck plan on hav'in a great time. Actually, this weekend is suppose to be sunny & warm. That'll be a nice change, cause the last four or five weekends have all been a blizzard where I'm go'in !!!! ..... :cold:

Have fun .... & don't forget your sunblock ... :eek:ccasion14: :laughing7: :laughing4:

Later ....
Gunny :headbang:
Maybe we should create a new thread called "Babes in Bikinis" and Thom can post pics in it after his outing. :cheer:
Sounds good to me ....... :cheer: :icon_thumleft: :eek:ccasion14: ... WOO HOO !!! :laughing7: :laughing7:

Gunny :headbang:
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