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low pressure tire guage

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I was getting ready for a ride and decided to check the pressure in my tires like I do before every ride.
I grabbed the low pressure tire gauge that I had sitting on the bench and noticed that all my tires were almost exactly one pound low.
After filling up all four tires I realized that I had grabbed my extra tire pressure gauge instead of the one that came with the Grizz.
After checking the pressure with my Grizz gauge I realized that the difference between the 2 gauges was one pound....
One pound makes a huge difference in a tire that has a recommended tire pressure of 4.5 to 5 lbs on the Grizz and 3.5 to 4 on the Big Bear.

Has anyone researched good quality low pressure tire pressure gauges and if so could you provide a link to where I could get one.
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DR, here is one that I turned up in a quick search at Northern Tool. Milton is a fairly reputable name in the tool world. Click here to visit the page.
I actually have an awesome one myself. It's actually designed for the kart and auto racing industry but is an extremely popular and durable brand. The face glows int eh dark which is handy on a late night tire inflate.

Anyway, it's made by Longacre. The one I have is 50422 and goes from 0-30 pounds. They also have 0-15 pounds and 2 different chuck types for the 2 different poundage ranges.

Go to this page and scroll down to "Deluxe Tire Pressure Gauges". Any of those are great.

cool thanx. I also found one at

looks like a good one...

I will check out yours too
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