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Loremo: The 'Low Resistance Mobile'

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<h1 class="style1">[url=""]Loremo: The 'Low Resistance Mobile'[/url]</h1>
<h2 class="style1">At 150-miles-per-gallon, the Loremo wants to show how far a diesel can go.</h2>
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The  idea is deceptively simple. Forget about fancy batteries, regenerative  braking, and alternative fuels. Instead, make a car that's elegant in  its minimalism and efficiency. The Loremo's German designers revisited  the basics — engine efficiency, low weight, and minimal drag — to  create a car that offers fuel-efficiency in the neighborhood of 130 to  150 miles per gallon. The Loremo is likely to dazzle drivers not with  its acceleration, but with its ability to drive from New York to L.A.  with only three stops at the pump.[url=""]Read Full Article[/url]</p>
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Wow pretty slick. Entry is not the best. imagine a pouring rain storm and trying to get in . Interior would be soaked. LOL. However at 150 mpg It may be worth it.
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