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Looking at new 800 outlander

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Pros and Cons?
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A buddie of mine has the two-up 800. I've ridden it a few times. You will never want more power if you get this machine, it flies. The only issue I've heard of is the frames getting weak after you hit a rock with them. They are a square tube design that can get dented and lose strength. An aftermarket skid plate should make this a non-issue. It's also very important to keep the radiator washed out.
Yes a friend of mine said they run hot by nature.
I think the 4x4 is a joke, when i want true 4x4 i want it. I dont want to wait till the machine decides to have diff lock. And something with 800cc why would you have a square tube frame? My guess is to cut down on price, but they are still way over priced for the quality of machine. Just how I feel, hope I did offend anyone.
I have heard they have weak frames. Crisco lock stinks.
"Crisco lock" ;D ;D I have seen it not work or work very choppy too many times. I have Kawi Brute and its diff lock is nothing to write home about either. God Kawi and Can't Am, give us a button. Wven my wifes 450 King Quad has a button.

The frame is OK conceptually as it keeps the weight centered. But, by design everything it supports is far away from the actual frame and the laws of lverage says that this is not a good thing. A long A-arm means a lot of force on the mounting points.

I have replaced the rear trailing arm bearings in my buddy's 400 twice now. The second time was at my expense as I was riding it and doing a powerslide and cought a rut. This folded the trailing arm like a wet noodle. Good thing was that this probably saved me from doing a nasty barrel roll. Not only is a pain in the butt, it is also pricey.
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