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Loft-It® Storage Lift System

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Just found a new product to add to my wishlist. I knew I'd find a way to prove to my wife I have room for a riding lawn mower and quad!

Why waste space, or worse, have to give up something you really love because you just don't have enough storage room?

The Loft-It® Storage Lift System is the ideal solution for seasonal exchange of your yard and recreational vehicles...or for when you just want more room.

With a lifting capacity of up to 1,200 pounds and a deck size of 4'X8', Loft-It® is strong enough and large enough to hold a full size motorcycle! Fully motorized, Loft-It® is as easy to raise as inserting the security key and turning the switch.

The end of clutter has arrived...the Loft-It® can organize your life and save you room!
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I have seen those before. I would be real nervous having my Harley Davidson above my Dodge Ram secured by that system. Man if it fell what a disaster that would be. Overall though great thought out idea for those with a lack of space.
Cool concept but those aren't standar height ceilings. Whereas most houses have 8ft ceilings, for those to be 6 ft off the floor accoring to their video, and have a bike up top, those have got to be 10-12 foot ceilings. Not real common in a garage I wouldn't think.

Man, and what kind of wall structure would it take to support 1,200lb hanging on it at the top?

Call me a pesimist.

Sorry, I'm sick again. Now I've got the cold/flu funk. I think it's clouding my judgement.
I think we need to quarantine you. :laughing7:
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