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Locust Stake OHV Trail System - Toccoa, GA

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Locust Stake OHV Trail System is a sizeable riding area with many miles of trails. The area is made up of many interconnecting trails. Most of the trails are short but once you learn your way around you can connect them to a longer trail. This riding area is very well taken care of. I was here a few years ago and the trail was nothing like it is today. This trail seems to be graded regularly and is nearly rock free. There has also been a great effort to keep people on the trail so please say where you are supposed to be. I would like this area better is it were more spread out but it is still a nice area and is close to Atlanta. This place can also get crowded and the trails are two way so be careful on blind corners, I was being careful and still had a few close calls. This area is closed from January 1st through March 31 call the ranger before you ride 706-754-6221.

GPS N 34º 35.298' W 83º 24.775'
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