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Leo Vince X3 Race Exhaust System

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Leo Vince X3 Race Exhaust System

The Leo Vince X3 ATV Sport and Racing systems are designed and handcrafted specifically for each model. All systems are designed to run at peak performance with stock jetting and provide increased horsepower throughout the rev band with significant weight savings over stock. All feature a U.S.F.S.-approved spark arrestor.
Upon arrival the Leo Vince X3 system comes profesionally packaged. Leo Vince also includeds the 98/96dB Inserts & quiet core.
We are looking very forward to testing the Leo Vince X3 exhaust system.
This product review is pending.

For more information on Leo Vince:
Customer Support
LeoVince USA
1445B South 50th Street
Richmond, CA 94804
T: 510-232-4040
F: 510-232-4141
Email: [email protected]
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