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KTM Rear Brake Caliper and Honda Rear Brake Caliper

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Has anyone heard of replacing the rear brake caliper on a 2008 ktm 525 with a honda rear brake caliper. If so please let me know and send any information that you have on that. This KTM is really putting a damper on the number of events I participate in. Seeing that the rear caliper kit my cost from the dealer in town is $425, and if I can replace with a stock honda rear caliper kit I would only be spending a little over $100. Please Help!!! :cussing:
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So let me get this straight. You're a "chick" that races a KTM 525 in SCORE desert races? I'm impressed! Betcha that 525 has enough power, doesn't it. I had a 2005 525, but can't really say whether the Honda brake caliper is interchangable on the new 525s or not. You can get your answer over on though. There are more KTM experts over there than anywhere on the planet. Good luck.

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