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Kawasaki ATV's

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The Kawasaki ATV is one of the most popular all terrain vehicles today. When it comes to ATV’s, Kawasaki Motors is considered as one of the most innovative and the creative. In fact, Kawasaki Motors was the first to introduce the V-twin engine ATV to the market. In 2001, Kawasaki Motors introduced the Kawasaki ATV Prairie 650 to the market, which revolutionized the whole ATV industry.

What Made The Kawasaki ATV Prairie 650 A Winner?

According to the people at Kawasaki Motors, the Prairie 650 is liquid-cooled with cylinders set at a 90-degree angle for smooth running. According to the engineers of this Kawasaki ATV, the Prairie 650 has twice the power strokes of the single-cylinder design making this vehicle far more superior than any other models available in the market today.

Although this Kawasaki ATV is very powerful, it is not really difficult to handle. Stopping the Prairie 650 is not really much of the problem because the engineers of this Kawasaki ATV have combined powerful dual-piston front disc brakes with a sealed multiple disc wet brake system in the rear of the vehicle. Actually, the engineers of this Kawasaki ATV borrowed the idea of the brakes configuration from the designs of heavy equipments used in the construction industry and those big equipments being used in agricultural farms. Since the brakes systems used in this Kawasaki ATV worked so well with the other types of heavy industrial equipments, there is no reason why it will not do well in the ATV. True to its promise, the Kawasaki ATV Prairie 650 revolutionized the whole ATV industry.

Leading The Market

Since the introduction of the Kawasaki ATV Prairie 650, there have been many other models that have become favorites among ATV enthusiasts. In 2006, Kawasaki introduced some really big and mean machines into the market. The Brute Force series, the KFX series and the Prairie series all made ripples in the market last year. The Prairie 700 4×4, which is the direct descendant of the Prairie 650, which revolutionized the world of ATVs, is one of the favorites last year. Like its ancestor, the Kawasaki ATV Prairie 650, the V-twin engine of the Prairie 700 makes it one of the most powerful ATVs available in the market today. According to some experts, the Prairie 700 4×4 is one of the best of the ATVs that Kawasaki Motors have ever made. Truly, when it comes to innovation in the ATV industry, Kawasaki Motors is one of the best.
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Dang Johnboy, that was a really well written thread. I'm guessing you're a Kawi fan? LOL. All I know is the brutus and kfx are F-A-S-T!!!>>>
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