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JStrong Roof with Lightbar

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Ok, I just bought a used RZR with a Jstrong Roof and lightbar. They have the system hooked up to a seperate battery (battery is not connected to anything else). This to me, looks to be a problem, as the battery has to be charged manually. Any suggestions on a better way to do this?
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Add a real charging system and hook an optima battery up to it. RPM Industries (I think that's the name) makes what looks like a great system. It's pricey, but you never have to worry about draining your battery with it.

In my humble opinion, the UTVs are terrible at this part. They make these awesome machines knowing darn good and well people are going to want to put extra lights and other high-pull electronics on them, and they give them a lawn mower electrical system.

From my experience, on a popo, running a winch, snow blade, and high def. lights will KILL your battery and there is NO way the charging system will keep up, therefore killing batteries like lambs led to the slaughter. RPM either learned from experience, or heard the cry for help and responded. Good luck!

P.S. Those tops look freakin awesome!
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