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ITP Holeshot ATR

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Has anybody else got any experience with these tires. I went for what I considered a pretty leisurely jaunt today and put a hole in the sidewall of my left front tire. I did hit a rock but it really wasn't a big deal I thought. The only thing I have to compare them too is the stock Dunlops on my kingquad. The dunlops have never flatted once and I've hit some pretty knarly rocks with them. I guess what I want to know is whether this seems to be a common problem or if it was just a fluke. Thanks!
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I've heard that they are a soft tire which 1) makes them vulnerable to punctures 2) provides awesome traction on the track.

No personal experiences though.
The holeshots are definitely a pretty soft and puncture proned tire, especially in the sidewall.
Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it. I think I'll take a look at replacing the ATRs when I can. I hate to do that when they are just brand new but I'm not a fan of flats. If I can find a decent review of them I might look hard at the bighorn 2.0s. Thanks again
the itp holeshots have been the only real disappointment i've found on the renegade. i must have close to a dozen plugs in mine already! just as you mentioned, i've ran several other brands of tires through the same terrain with minimal punctures. in fact, i've put around 4,500 miles on my honda, and maybe had 5 or 6 holes that needed plugged. worst 6 ply tire i've ever seen! :protest:
I bought holeshot atr's for my Grizzly. Probably my favorite riding tire I have ever owned. You'd be surprised for it's less than agressive look the amount of traction you get for a trail oriented tire. They obviously are not made for the mud. Occasionaly mud on the trails around here in the northeast they were fine. But for any mudding look elsewhere.

Unfortunately the biggest negative for these is exactly what Buster stated. They are very soft and puncture easily. Too easily. I swear they got a side wall flat once just from me looking at them funny. LOL

All in all, if you get them. Bring plugs and a 12v compressor. You'll love the ride, just get ready to repair them.
i agree with you about the traction, it's fantastic. i just wish they used a slightly harder compound in them.
yes a great handling tire, but a big huge disappointment in the durability dept. i went to HM and tore them up pretty bad. ITP should be ashamed to have put out such crap. if they would just add to the side wall they ed be a great tire. im upgrading to a different tire because i dont want to get stranded. maxxis has the new big horns 2.0s in new sizes thinking of going with the 23x10x12s rear and 23x8x12 front. but i could also do the original BH in 25 inch. i just dont like the fact there actually 26 inch id like to stay stock size and my atrs are 24inch. if there was a bh1.0 in a 23 or 24 they ed be ordered already.
Bit late to the party but may I add my bit to this discussion. The itp hole shot is a good tyre if you are riding soft trail, sand etc. this tire has extremely soft compound so if you ride hard packed trail or road then this is definitely not the tire for you. They shred compound about as bad as an F1 car. I’ve had these on my renegrade for less than 2000miles and the fronts are shredded. The rears also show a lot of wear but nowhere near as bad as the fronts. I’m running 6psi all round which is maybe a little high but this isn’t why the tread has worn so much in 2000miles. I mostly road ride so will be moving to maxxis ceros for my next set………extremely disappointing for itp
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