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Many ATV enthusiasts at some point in their ATV ownership begin the customization process. Some riders begin customizing their quad from a performance standpoint, while others go the route of appearance or function for the primary purpose their vehicle will be used for. One of the most popular custom items that people choose is a an after-market set of wheels. For our Renegade 800 Project-X quad, we turned to Mike at Dick's ATV for wheel suggestions on the perfect product for our project to fit a rather large list of requirements. What we required in a wheel for this project was one that:

  • The average rider may not be very familiar with
  • Most consumers could afford if the price was justifiable
  • Would provide us a custom look and set off the graphics of our quad
  • Would be strong enough to handle even the toughest terrain
  • Would allow us to run extremely low tire pressure without risking blowing off a bead on the trail
  • Has a durable finish that would stay looking good even after we put it through it's paces
For Mike, the answer was obvious: The ITP T7 Beadlock. Although we were
familiar with the standard C-Series ITP wheel, we had not considered that same very popular wheel in a beadlock design. After talking with Dick's ATV about the beadlock version of the wheel and all that it had to offer, we decided this would be the perfect wheel for our build. As an added bonus, although the ITP T7 Beadlock comes with a polished beadlock ring. and you may recall one of our requirements was that we wanted a custom look to set off our Blown Concepts graphics kit, that ring is available in 2 different designs, a standard and a stylized. But, that's not all, it is also available in 4 different colors, red, blue, yellow or black. So, for this project, we chose red since our graphics kit is so heavy in red.

About Dick's ATV:
Dick's ATV Tires and Accessories is your #1 choice for low prices on Tires, Helmets, Parts and Accessories for your All Terrain Vehicle. Owned and operated by ATV enthusiasts, Dick's ATV is committed to providing the best ATV Tires and Accessories, at the best prices, and with no hassles, run-arounds, or games. The way we figure it, the less time you have to spend finding the right tires and parts for your ATV and finding the best deals on them, the more time you get to spend actually enjoying your ATV!

Dick's ATV is located in Northern Maine which has brought unmatched quality to the Northern State of Maine for over 7 full years. provides the highest quality ATV wheels and accessories shipped directly to you. They pass the savings they make ordering in large volumes, resulting in some of the lowest prices you'll find.

ITP C-Series T7 Beadlock Information:
ITP has combined all of the best technology and performance of the proven C-Series Type 7 one-piece aluminum wheel with all the benefits of a beadlock design to create the new T7 Beadlock.

The T7 Beadlock uses a billet outer ring that clamps the tire to the wheel, greatly reducing the risk of the tire debeading from the wheel when using lower tire pressures or when the tire is subjected to heavy side loads. As an added benefit, this ring also strengthens a wheel that's already known for its rugged durability.

Manufactured through ITP's exclusive Advancecast process, the T7 Beadlock meets rigorous QS 9000 quality specifications and arrives with a stunning polished or black finish in 12x7 and 14x7 sizes for most of today's popular sport-utility ATVs and side-by-side UTVs.

The T7 Beadlock comes standard with a polished ring, but enthusiasts interested in giving their machine a custom look will be happy to know that the T7 Beadlock's ring is also available in black, blue or red powdercoat finishes!

  • Sizing: 12x7, 14x7 (front & rear).
  • Builds on all the features and benefits of ITP's highly successful
    C-Series wheel, with the addition of a billet outer beadlock ring!
  • Beadlock ring adds security and strength.
  • Wheel is available in machined or black finishes, and beadlock rings come in the standard polished or powdercoat black, red or blue. Build your own custom look!
ITP T7 Beadlock Mounting Instructions:

CAUTION: Read these instructions thoroughly before mounting tires.

  1. Tires should only be mounted according to good tire mounting practices using acceptable tire mounting equipment designed for the tire industry.
  2. Remove the outer beadlock ring from the wheel.
  3. Mount tire from the beadlock side only. Mount inner bead over the wheel like normal. Seat the tire outer bead in the shoulder of the beadlock inner ring on the wheel and center the tire.
  4. Place the ring onto the tire and align the bolt holes with the inner beadlock ring.
  5. All bolts should be started by hand to avoid cross threading.
    Please Note: Impact wrenches are not recommended at any point during installation of the beadlock ring due to the possibility of over or under tightening the bolts.
  6. Tighten the bolts in a criss-cross pattern a few turns at a time to ensure even pressure on the beadlock ring.
  7. Tighten the bolts to the 12 ft/lbs of torque
  8. The outer ring should be pulled down to meet the inner ring. The outer ring will flex to match the tire bead.
  9. Use tire mounting lube on the tire/wheel opposite the beadlock to ensure a proper seat for the tire.
  10. Inflate the tire to seat the inner bead onto the wheel. Do notexceed the tire manufacturer’s recommended maximum pressure for seating the beads.
After getting all of the wheels properly torqued and inflated to ITP's specifications, we mounted them on the quad to see the finished product. Quite impressive to say the least. Although we are sure that would could have found a set of wheels that would provide a suitable appearance for our quad, suitable just isn't enough for us. Additionally, we had some functional requirements that would not be obtainable had we decided to go with your standard run-of-the-mill wheel that every other Joe purchases. Are there other alternatives to the ITP C-Series T7 Beadlock that we got from Dick's ATV? Of course there. But, when one of the requirements is if there are others that are as affordable when you factor in the amazing pricing that is available from Mike at Dick's ATV. No way!

If you have the wheel requirements for your ATV that we had for ours, and you don't want to just throw money away at the higher priced competition, Mike at Dick's ATV and his pricing on ITP wheels and tires is the way to go, hands down!

Contact Information:
Dick's ATV
(Web site) Dick's ATV : The best deals on ATV Tires, Parts and Accessories
(Phone) 877.764.8313
(Email) [email protected]
(Address) 96 State Street, Presque Isle, ME,. 04769

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