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Idle Adjustment for the Grizzly 700

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NOTE: If at any time, if you hit a wrong key or forget what step you were on, just turn the key off and start over.

  • With your key turned off, hold down the select and reset button at the same time.
  • Then turn the key on while doing this.
  • Wait for the word "DIAG" to pop up.
  • Once that displays, you can let off the buttons.
  • Push the select button and CO should then be displayed in place of the word "DIAG".
  • Again, hold down the select and reset buttons until that CO changes to C1.
  • Now there will be a # 0 above the C1.
  • Press the Start button to crank the bike.
  • The 0 will now change and this is your current idle speed in 100's. 1600 rpms is where you need to be. But it will just say 160 on the pod.
  • If you need to adjust your idle, you can do so with the engine running and the pod in it's current setting. If you aren't aware of where the idle adjuster is, it's under the black plastic forward of your seat, positioned to the right front corner of the airbox lid. It's a large phillips head screw.

Some bikes will not allow you to do the pod mod based on year model or software revision. What we've found is that many of the 07-SE Grizz's won't allow it and that the 08 700's won't either. If you have either of these, it's not gonna hurt you to try and you may get lucky enough that yours will allow it.

Good luck
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