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I want these a-arms

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Bopp Race Components make can-am and Outlander chassis components. For the outty, they have a hand-made chome-moly frame. For the Gade they have a-arms also made of chrome-moly. The advantages are supposedly much lighter weight and much stronger than factory.

The biggest advantage other than that for the Gade a-arms is that they provide a lot more ground clearance than the factory Rene a-arms do.

I would love a set of these for our Prroject-X quad. I would think it would be a great project to push their product and possibly make some sales for them.

Tony Bopp builds frames for nascar and is the one that built teh frame for the Outty in this article.


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that is a nice increase in the ground clearance, compared to the stock a-arms. looks like some more powdercoating if you get your hands on them. :beer" i wish someone would modify the steering knuckle by relocating the tie-rod mount, that way we could run wider tires without needing wheel spacers or rims with a wider offset.
Yeah, they look like a nice setup. On the Outty, they're powdered in red so I would guess he could powder them in whatever color we wanted. I'm gonna call and see if we can get a set to review for the X.

The ONLY problem I have is that I don't know what you would be able to do about skids for a custom lower a-arm. I would guess I could modify the Ricochet front a-arm skids to work if I were a betting man, and I am. Might take a little wacking on the outboard end of the skids. Then just drilling different holes for the mounts to line up. But, all of that's ok

They look like a nice setup and with his Nascar welding background, they are liable to be very nice. However, google searching he doesn't show up for Rene a-arms. Another company does. But I'm more intrigued by these with his background.

The ONLY way I found him was from a thread another member started about the Outty that he built an entire frame out of chrome-olly for. Reading the information about that build on another site, I found his name and googled it and finally found his site, hence the find on the arms.

The front a-arm clearnace was something I was very disappointed about on the Gade but if his are nice, they may be a great solution, even for the price. But who knows without having them in hand.

If we had enough interest from you guys in a review of them, it's possible that would spark an interest in them to send us a set to review but who knows.
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i recently saw a set of blue a-arms on a gade, just not sure which forum i was browsing at the time.
that's not to say someone didn't just powdercoat the stockers blue, i didn't pay much attention to the design of them. if i come across it again, i'll pm you.
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