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I think it is electrical?????

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I had my yamaha 350 warrior running like a bat out hell!!! Then it just stopped running on cruise. I seem to have burned my negitive battery cable with the muffler and melted it down to the bare copper the arced on the muffler, i can not get this warrior started , ANYONE HAVE A SLIGHT IDEAL WHAT I MIGHT HAVE BURDED UP OR SHORTED OUT. I have checked everything,the stator oms out good,ignition coil oms out good, i have spark but it more orange that anything. it will turn over and crank hard. it just will not start??????::confused::
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You've already tested everything I would have. My first guess would have been the coil. If it's getting good fire perhaps something else fried like a fuel pump? I'll have to admit I don't know much about the warriors though.
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