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We had some high winds the other day & there was SUPPOSE to be a little snow dropped in the mountains. So I decided to go see how much was there. :iroc:<O:p</O:p

BUMMER !! ... When I got to the staging area (Snowmobile Parking Lot) the highway was bare from the gate and as far as I could see up the road. :eek:<O:p</O:p

So I decided to head out West ... but the snow wasn’t deep enough to head out across country to I pretty much stayed on the roads ... which turned out to still be a blast. :headbang:<O:p</O:p

The day started out sunny & cold but as the day progressed, I could see a storm coming in from the Northwest ... it was kinda cool to watch it advance as I rode all day. ::)<O:p</O:p

The snow was great. The top was windblown & crusty & underneath there was about a 2 inch hard crust. So traction was AWESOME !!! & I could open her up & let her run a little. It still worked the motor pretty good cause my check engine light came on & the message “Limp Home Mode” :mad: .... so after a bit, I parked the bike & while it cooled down, I had me some vittles & some liquid refreshment. The Canned Ham is a little temperamental I think !! :cussing:<O:p

Anyway, here’s a video of some of my days ride. I have a lot more video &it’s difficult to put a full days ride into a 6 to 8 minute video ... Hope Ya Enjoy It !! :seesaw:<O:p</O:p

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