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How old where you or your children when you started riding?

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I recently traded a bigger bike for a PW50 for my 3 year old to start riding. Mind you it has mid mount training wheels and the throttle stop adjusted to nearly no turn. Some people say that 3 is to young, obviously i disagree. I can't say i started that early but i didn't have a bike or atv this small at hand. What is your take on this? How old?
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I believe i was around 6 when my father bought me a beautiful 80 something moto4 yamaha.

I started riding on a 2.5 HP tote gote at age 10, and got my first real motorcycle, a 185cc Suzuki at age 14. I started riding ATVs at age 38, on a Yamaha Kodiak 400. I now ride a Renegade 800, and a KTM 505 XC-F.

My oldest son started riding a Honda XR 70 at age 7. At age 8 he won an award at the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree for being the youngest rider to be out riding the Jamboree trails on his own ATV, which was a Honda TRX90. He rode his TRX90 on a trail that was 120 miles long, and rode it through a pouring down rain storm that day. He now rides a KTM 300 XC dirt bike, and has won the open class at regional desert races.

My youngest son started riding a Polaris Scrambler 50 at age 4. He is now age 13 and rides a Raptor 250, and also competes in regional desert races on a KTM 85 SX.

My wife started riding at age 33, on a Yamaha Wolverine 350. She now rides a Yamaha Grizzly 700.

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That's funny 3TV, the Tote Gote was the first thing I started riding too! I then graduated to a trail 90 and then 200 S 3 wheeler , 200SX 4 wheeler, 250R 4 wheeler, Yamaha Warrior, 500 Rubicon and 700 Grizzly and 700 V Force.
I got my first bike when I was 2.5 years old. It was a 50cc Indian that I wish I still had due to their current value. It was a rare color, orange with white stripes down the tank. It had training wheels when I got it but my dad raced YZ250s back then and was in his early 20's so wanted something for me.

From that I progressed to a YZ80 when I was 6 and had a new one every couple of years until I was 10. Then I got an ATC 250R 3-wheeler and got a new one of those every year until they were banned in '86. I still have my '86 which is mind-boggling fast and strong with all the work I did to it back in the day.

My daughter is now 4 and got her first 4 wheeler on her 3rd x-mas and it is a pink Polaris 50cc Outlaw. I don't think there is an age too young with the right coaching and guideance.

My dad just bought my nephew a 50cc Polaris and he is almost 2. He gets it on his b-day in a few weeks. Since the ban has temporarily been lifted on the sale of youth ATVs, he bought it while he could.

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