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How Often Should Change Arctic Cat 90 Oil?

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We have a 3 or 4 year old AC 90. I usually change the oil once a year, but it is getting used and abused!
Our 2 kids ride it, 4 neighbor kids and their friends ride it and my wife and the neighbor mom's all like to ride it.

But it gets pegged at the rev limiter for several minutes at a time as they all ride in our back field. My wife will get on and ride it wide open non stop for 20 minutes! Then the neighbor mom's take their turns doing the same thing. On nice sunny days like yesterday the quad was ridden from 10am to 8pm almost non stop between about 10 different kids and adults. Sometimes when my wife is done riding it, the muffler is cherry red hot.

Should I be changing the oil more often? If so when? It's starting to sound really whipped and backfires more when someone lets off the gas.


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