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Honolulu Hills Raceway joins forces with Team CCR & Bobby Bonds

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  <h1>Honolulu Hills Raceway joins forces with Team CCR & Bobby Bonds</h1>

Honolulu  Hills Raceway announced today the partnership with Team CCR & Pro  rider Bobby Bonds. Bonds currently ride for the private Central Cal  Racing team out of Bakersfield, Ca. Team CCR was formed last year with  Bobby Bonds debuting in Phoenix, AZ at round #1 of the 2007 WORCS  Racing series. After a beginning season that saw ups and downs, Bonds  seems to be right at home this year as he sits 2nd in points for the  WORCS 2008 National Championship run.</p>

"I feel great right  now, I'm totally happy with where I'm at in the series and bringing  Honolulu Hills on board was a great addition to the team for the second  half run here in 2008." —Bobby Bonds"</p>

Bobby Bonds will join  forces with current Honolulu Hills Raceway- Women A rider, Nicole  Madsen. Madsen who is coming off a 2007 WORCS National Championship  herself has been with the team since its venture late last year. Madsen  will continue to run the '08 Yamaha YZ250F's while Bonds will stay  aboard his 2008 Kawasaki KX450F's.</p>

"I started this team  from scratch, and we have brought it to where it is today. I have kept  it small and simple. I couldn't be happier and we are very fortunate  with bringing Honolulu Hills on board as the title sponsor for the  remaining season" —Derek Gerecke (CCR Team Manager)</p>

"We are  happy to step up to help out Bonds for the remainder of the year and  hopefully this will turn into a continued relationship into 2009.  Melton, Comfort and I spoke about this early on, Jason Reed who still  provides PR support for us at Taft was able to work with Comfort and  Gereke to put this together in a matter of days. I've watched Bobby  grow from the early days on his Team Green KX60 to where he's at today.  Honolulu Hills is excited about the Championship chase for this 2008  WORCS Pro National Championship. Bobby is the hometown boy when it  comes to connecting Taft, Ca with Motocross. Bonds has (2) Loretta Lynn  National Championships, and an impressive amateur resume which includes  two years with the Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team in 2001 & 2002. We  know Bobby has the potential to secure this Championship and we are  excited to back him for this run at it in 2008." —Darin Layton of  Honolulu Hills Raceway.</p>

Bonds will debut his Honolulu  Hills/CCR ride this weekend at the Glen Helen National. Bobby is  currently pre-entered in the Motocross class and will run the #821 this  Sunday for Round #1 of the AMA Toyota MX Nationals.</p>

About Honolulu Hills Raceway, please visit [url=""][/url]

    About WORCS Racing Series, please visit [url=""][/url]</p>
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