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Honda 700XX Front Bumpers - Pro XC, Bullhorn & DominatorTM

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Honda 700XX Front Bumpers - Pro XC, Bullhorn & DominatorTM

Top 3 - 10/03/08Pro Armor is proud to announce the release of their top 3 selling front bumpers for the Honda 700XX. The Pro XC front bumper doesn't just add style to your quad but provides more than adequate coverage for any type of riding you may be doing. The release of the Dominator(tm) bumper for the Honda 700XX by Pro Armor is bound to turn heads whether out trail riding, or serious racing competition. Be the first to run the trickest looking bumper on the market. This bumper has a perfect location for a number plate. The number plate holder accepts a 5" x 8.5" number plate (sold separately). This bumper is designed to punish the competition! Our Racing 'Bullhorn' front bumper is designed to take an impact and preserve the integrity of your ATV. With a look all its own, everybody will know that your quad is ready for any challenge. If function, protection and a great looking bumper is what you are after then pick up any Pro Armor bumper, you won't be sorry. You can find them at your local dealer, by contacting Pro Armor direct at 888.312.7667 or go to to order yours today!

Photo Gallery: Pro Armor Honda 700XX Front Bumpers - ATV Rider Magazine

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Sorena, welcome to the site. I'm not sure what you are riding, but you asked what our price is for the bullhorn. We do not actually sell this product. A quick visit to the Pro Armor web site will get you spefic information for make and model quads, but for the Honda 700 they are asking $135ish.

Again, welcome to the site. :hello:
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