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homemade snorkel

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He looks like a turnip.
Just wire tied the :cussing: . Famous last words
pretty stupid if u ask me. i wouldn't do it that way.
I put one on my grizzly just like that today :laughing7:
Bandit said:
I put one on my grizzly just like that today :laughing7:
i have no use for one the highest amount of water i have been in is like 3 feet. the only bike i have ever had probs with is my bigbear. every year the rad i ride on which is a smooth dirt road a few spots of it flood like 3 feet high and i love it i go flying threw it like full throttle and i get soaked! then one time my bigbear started getting all wierd but it pulled outta like got a ton of water in it i think lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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