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Help please

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Hi my name is Steve a newbee. I own a can-am 800 renagade and could use some help with a couple of questions. The group I ride with goes to the sand and rides the idiot trails and steep slopes, often going sideways up the real steep hills. So Im looking for the best wheel-tire set up. Possibly smoothies on the front and 14 paddel haulers on the back, or 8 paddle haulers on front and back , like what skat-trak tested on the can-am 800 renagade. I would sur like some imput. Thanks anyone.:thumbup:
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I do not know much at all about sand paddles. But I would think that you should go with paddles in the front. Its a 4WD quad and I think this would approve your performance over smooths in the front.
3TV is the man to answer that question for you Steve. He has tested both configurations I think. Certainly he will chime in.
Renagade radical

I would like to say thanks for responding to my questions. I love quading and look forward to chatting with other quad enthusiest. I would still like more advice on what to do about my wheels and tires.:eek:ccasion14:
Thanks Grizzlywizard and Mack450. Steve
i'd like to help, but have no experience with sand.
Hey Steve, I ride a little sand, and I have stock rims with 27" ITP mud lites all the way around. I'm not saying for one second that I throw sand like paddles, but I climb almost anything with tire speed. You have to understand that if your buddies are riding race quads, they are lighter, and can run next to nothing up front. I would run something with some meat up front to dig in and pull. This is just my opinion. let me know how you make out!:beer"
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