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Helmet Safety Testing and Certification Principles Explained in Our Short but Informative Article

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Wearing a proper, safe helmet is mandatory in racing events since this is the most effective type of rider protection that can prevent severe injuries to the head in case of an accident. Different countries have their own demands on the quality and properties of the helmet. All helmets must be certified. There are many certifications today, each of which involves different testing procedures or their intensity.

An SAE-certified mechanic and technical writer Michael Grayen have created this article covering the differences between DOT, ECE, SHARP, and SNELL helmet certifications. Click on the link below to learn about helmet history and the way modern helmets are being tested to make sure that they could protect your head properly.

Powersports Helmet Certifications | What are the Differences among DOT, ECE, SHARP, & SNELL?

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