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Heat wrapped...

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I wanted to see if any others here have put any type of heat wrap on their exhaust system. I just installed "Heat Wrap" by Heat Shield Products. I noticed right away that the temp around the pipe was reduced. Of course I still can't ride my quad so I can't get a good test in yet.

Also, for those that have used, was there any performance gain. I can't imagine it would be seat of the pants gain, but they do claim an increase. I installed this for the temp control reasons only but any other gains would surely be welcomed. :laughing7:

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Man, anything to reduce feelable heat is good to me. Where did you get this and how much was it? If it drops heat that much, I want some. How much of the head pipe can you wrap with it? Most of it if you wanted?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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