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Having a great trail system with a lot of diverse terrain for a challenging days ride in the wilderness is a great thing. But what do you get when you merge two trail systems together. A huge multi-day adventure spanning over 170 miles of trails.

We have been told this would happen a few years ago. And now it finally looks like we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In the near future Hatfield and McCoy will be connecting two great trail systems together. The Indian Ridge Trail (63 miles) and the Pinnacle Creek Trails (71 miles) will offer trails for the beginner, intermediate and expert riders.

Here are current trail maps of both systems.

A connector like this will be the first for Hatfield and McCoy. It will allow ATV, SxS and dirt bike riders to connect to five different towns including Pineville, Mullins, Ashland, Northfork, and Keystone.

Another new ad on amenity and a first for the Hatfield-McCoy Trails is a trail connector between the Pinnacle Creek Trail System and Twin Falls State Park Resort. This connector will allow riders to use the resort's lodge, cottages and campground while also having direct trail access.

For more information on the Hatfield and McCoy Trails check them out at:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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