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Now since I'm running a Fix Power Sport machined sheave for a Rhino, I'm always looking at clutch and engine mods out there for the 660 Rhino, I came across these products by Hunterworks. They carry products for the Yamaha Rhino, as well as other Side X Sides.

After talking with the owner, Todd Eldridge, I decided to try out the Greaseless Rollers and the cam plate and Greaseless Sliders he sales.

Here's the link to the web site. Just scroll down to the rollers. NOTE: Hunterworks also sales Greaseless sliders, but Todd says these will NOT work in the Grizzly clutch.
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Following is my first ride impressions and some pointers on the installation along with a link to some photo's. Enjoy ... :eek:ccasion14:

Went rid'in yesterday ... put 30 miles on the Grizz with the greaseless clutch kit .... first, lets talk about MY old clutch innards ... The cam plate had some wear at the sliders, so it would of needed changing before winter. The metal clips on the sliders were all loose ... the sliders & clip needed replacing. I had already ordered those back in June, so they're sitt'in in my tool box .... sigh .....

The new cam plate has a flange where the new sliders ride. I noticed when I bolted it on, I almost didn't have enough splines poking thru to center the outside thick washer ... so the new cam plate must be thicker ... and yes, I forgot to measure that ... cause I thought they'd be the same, so next time I tear it down, I'll compare. (NOTE: The Fix Power Sports Sheave added two thin washers on the INSIDE of the sheave ... between the sheave & the sheave collar (looks like a small length of pipe the sheave slides on) ..........

Once I installed the new sliders onto the new cam plate & installed that inside the sheave, I noticed it fit nice and snug from side to side ... it moved up & down real smooth like ... AND ... I attribute this to thinking the clutch is WAY quiet.

NOTE: .... I use to install the clutch with the cam plate flush with the outboard edge of the sheave .... you can't do this with the Greaseless Rollers ... they'll fall out of their tracks & get all twisted up & turned around .... and jam the cam plate .... I know, cause that's what I did. I forgot, the grease use to hold the stock rollers in place.

So when you have the sheave on the bench, lay the rollers in place, insert the sheave collar thru the seals, and when you put the cam plate on, push or slide it down into place onto the rollers, which will hold them in place. Then slide the collar onto the clutch housing shaft .... and hold it there .... put the thick washer on, then the nut ... and tighten it down.

Next, I reinstalled the belt, then the bearing housing (clutch shaft support housing) ..... I then started the bike up, shifted it into gear (I had it up on a belly stand) .... and gave it some gas to check that it worked ... all was good .... I then gave it full throttle to make sure the belt came all the way to the top of the sheave .... all was good.

Bottom Line .... I use to like LOTS of grease .... I now like "Self Lubrication" better !!! .... I'm sold !!! I think this is a great product for the Yamaha Grizzly.

One note about the weight of the rollers I purchased. I bought the heaviest one Hunterworks sold, which were 20 grs (insert & shell) ........ I weighted the EPI 20 gr rollers WITH the shell & they weighted in at 22.7 grs each (I only weighed one however) ......... I could tell a BIG difference. I like the heavier weight. So I've gotta figure out how to add 2.7 grs to each roller ..... sigh (BTW ... 2.7 grs times 8 =21.6 grs ... That's a lot)

OK, check out the photo's in the Photobucket Slideshow .... if you hold your cursor at the lower left, you can pause, or stop the show. If you stop it, then click on the forward arrow & you can view each photo as long as you want ..... Clutch/?albumview=slideshow

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I have a friend with an 09 Rhino that actually just put the greasless weights from Hunterworks in and used the overdrive weights. He gained 15mph top-end and lost just a slight bit of bottom-end. He is very happy with the clutch setup he got from them.

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Greasless Weights

so do you think for my ride these have any benefit? I also was wondering what exactly was done with my sheave by fix? just the sheave, i'm assuming, I don't recall seeing any spacer on either side of the sheave shaft.
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