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Grizzly Clutch Weight Information

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Yamaha Grizzly 700 Clutch Weight Modification:

This information has been gathered to help others with their Grizzly 700 clutch weight modifications. It is for reference only and gathers information from a number of sources.

Dalton Industries currently sells a kit for $100 on their website, . It includes 12 clutch weights, (8 ) 14.7grams and (4 ) 17grams. The clutch uses (8 ) weights total.
As a reference, the stock 700 weights are approximately 18.5 grams each. Stock 660 weights are 17g and stock Kodiak 450 weights are 14g. These weights can be found at your dealer for approximately $3-4 each.
Dalton recommends the following weight changes according to application:

Stock tire size but heavier: (4) 14.7g weights and (4) 18.5g weights (132.8g)
26-27” tire (0-4000’ elevation): (4) 14.7g weights and (4) 17g weights (126.8g)
28” tire: (8 ) 14.7g weights (117.6g)

It also recommends the 28” setup for 26-27” tires at high elevations.
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I also am running 4-450 and 4-660 weights. I also found that it added back what was lost by putting 26" XTRs on. The weight change is really an easy project and it's not something that you should be scared of. Once you get in there, you'll see why. I was nervous initially myself but after I opened it up saw there was nothing intricate about it.

Well for me the most difficult part was getting that nut started back on since you have the belt applying outward pressure against you. Then I also didn't have a good diea of how to hold the clutch from turning so I could tighten the nut properly. Afterwards, someone gave the idea to use a ratchet strap around the clutch in some configuration but I don't recall exactly. At the time, it sounded like asound idea.

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