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Grizzly 700 hmf swamp series, optimizer and air box lid

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Up for sale is my swamp series exhaust, optimizer and moddified air box lid. recently found out i have a little one on the way:beer" so i have to part with a few non necessary things. these parts have only 200 miles on them. thanks
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ooops and K&N air filter

o yea almost forgot i have a k&n to go with that also
price n location

i live in colver, pa. 15927. $575.00
put parts on ebay

optimizer item number: 200299685284
k&n air filter item number: 200299687877
hmf swamp series exhaust item number: 200299692326

200303317473: muffler
200303323392: optimizer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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