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Grizzly 450 and the DWT Diablo Beadlock

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Our friends over at just completed a great review of the DWT Diablo True beadlocks.

What wheels should I buy?
How many times have you read this question on all the ATV forum pages over the years. The problem is there are so many different wheels on the market to choose from that this question is getting tougher to answer with each new post reply. With all the different technologies used in manufacturing wheels today and all the available styles, choice of finishes, different sizes and even the wheels weight to consider, to simply answer this question with a manufacturers name or a wheels model number just isn’t enough anymore. Needing some new wheels myself, over the last few months I have thought about this question and I realized the number one factor in my decision making shouldn’t be looks, price or even weight. Due to the terrain I ride my first consideration had to be the wheels functionality.
Read the full review here!

DWT Racing Diablo True Beadlock Wheel Review - Yamaha Grizzly 450

Great job guys!
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