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Got Snorkel???

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Looks great....I love how they do that on Can Ams...I would do it if I ever got a Can Am.

Alot more peace of mind.
yeah the can-am snorkel system sux from stock. If you get to slinging water at all in even low water, it will suck it into the CVT intake and wet the belt. This system from East Coast ATV Snorkels is really nice and well designed. The fit is perfect and their directions are to the "T". I can't be more happy with it for the piece of mind if I just wanna play around in some water or accidentally get stuck in some deep stuff.
I love it! That is an awesome looking snorkel. I wish they made one for the rancher.
They do, but it's a tall one. I could ask if they could do a short swept back one for it. It would only require changing the stack piece to a short turn back piece.

Here's the rancher one.
Looks real good! How was the overall install? Did you get the DIY kit or the fully assembled kit? Also, any cutting or drilling involved?
I got the ready to install kit and it was really straight forward. There were 2 cuts that needed to be made and then obviously I had to drill the 3 holes in my hood. The 2 cuts that needed to be made were not anything that if you chose to unsnorkel the machine later and replace the hood with a new one, that would prevent you from doing so.

Between the DIY kit and the preglued read to install kit, for the price difference, it makes absolutely no sense to by the DIY one. With teh DIY kit, you save $30, but cost yourself a couple or 3 hours more time to have to measure each piece exactly, cut to the proper length, mark each angle, then glue, etc. It just wouldn't be worth saving $30 for someone else doing all of the legwork.

I personally am very good and quick at building complicated plumbing using PVC and if I were purchasing this kit, there is no way to save $30 I would consider the DIY kit.

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Good info to know about the DIY kit. These days my time is more important that an extra 3 hours.
I think the CVT exhaust snorkel is gonna make a nice on the fly hand warmer during the winter months of riding. It is unreal how much heat and air comes outta that thing. It isn't bothersome when riding but if you pull your hand off the grip and move it in front of that snorkel, you can sure feel it.

I've spoken with them about the Rancher and they said they can make a low profile (similar to the Rnegade) version of it for it.
We need to see pictures of that baby dunked in the the slop to determine how well those snorkels work!
We need to see pictures of that baby dunked in the the slop to determine how well those snorkels work!
YYYYAAAAAAA thats what we all want to see. The 800 in action video though, that would be some good stuff.
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