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Gorilla Winch adopts new Brand name

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Gorilla Winches Adopts New Brand Name: PROMARK OFFROAD

PLYMOUTH, Minnesota (September 14, 2009) -- After five outstanding years in the offroad winch industry, Gorilla Winches is proud to announce the expansion of their product line to include a broader range of products in the offroad category. In response to customer requests for quality products outside of the winch category, Gorilla Winches will be adding a wider range of ATV, truck, Jeep, and 4x4 accessories to their lineup, including wheels, tires, bumpers, brush guards, and Jeep accessories.

Even more exciting is the company's decision to adopt a new brand name that more accurately reflects this expanded product line:


According to sales and marketing manager John Ostman, "Our new name will more accurately describe who we are and what we do. We manufacture and supply PRO-fessional quality OFFROAD equipment to ATV, truck, Jeep, and 4x4 enthusiasts worldwide."

Ostman notes that the company will continue to produce high-quality ATV and self-recovery winches (under the PROMARK OFFROAD name) along with their newly expanded product line. The PROMARK OFFROAD name will begin to appear on the company's products as early as late September 2009.

The company has been hinting at a major announcement since the first of September, and Gorilla Winch customers have been eagerly awaiting the big news. Already an industry leader for durable, high quality winches and winch accessories, the company expects an expansion of their loyal customer base in connection with the expansion of their product offerings in the offroad industry.

As a tribute to the enormous influence that their customers have had in the evolution of Gorilla Winches into PROMARK OFFROAD, Ostman says, "We thank our loyal customers, and we look forward to the wild ride ahead."

For the latest updates on Gorilla Winches' transformation into PROMARK OFFROAD, visit the Gorilla Winches News and Announcements page.

About Gorilla Winches / PROMARK OFFROAD
Gorilla Winches / PROMARK OFFROAD was founded in 2003 to provide consumers with quality offroad equipment at factory-direct pricing. The Gorilla Winch / PROMARK OFFROAD Store offers a complete line of ATV winches, truck and Jeep winches, and 4x4 accessories for the offroad enthusiast. For more information, visit their website at Gorilla Winches ATV Winches, Truck and Jeep Winches, ATV Accessories..

John Ostman
Sales and Marketing Manager
[email protected]
9909 South Shore Drive
Suite 140
Plymouth, MN 55441
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Thanks for the news update Cadman :eek:ccasion14:

It'll be interesting to see what they offer.
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